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About Us

Never been good at writing as I've always felt that visuals can capture the unspoken. We've always been asked, "So, what does Okra Films stand for?". To us, it's about grazing our videos with the touch of elegance and grace, full of love and perhaps, sweet melancholy, similar to that of lady's fingers.

We hope to capture fond and fleeting moments together and create memories that lasts always and forever. 



Partners & Friendors

Introducing — the Friendor family!


These aren't just vendors; they're the fantastic folks we enjoy crafting unforgettable moments with. From talented photographers to trusty planners, each Friendor brings their unique magic to the table, making every wedding a masterpiece. Among our friendors, some of them extend exclusive partner discounts, adding an extra sprinkle of joy to your celebration.


Antelope Studios Logo.png

Antelope Studios

Instagram: @antelopestudios

$200 off packages 8 hrs or more

Trouve logo.png
Presentonpixels Logo.jpg
ARTURE LOGO_2020.jpg

Trouvé Photography

Instagram: @wearetrouve

$200 off packages 8 hrs or more

Present On Pixels 

Instagram: @presentonpixels

$150 off packages 8 hrs or more

Arture Photography

Instagram: @arture_photographer

$150 off for 8 hrs | $250 off for 10 hrs

Discount not stackable with other vendors

ASP Logo (minimal).png

Adrian Seetho Photography


$100 off packages 

Aura Studio 

Instagram: @aura_studio_sg

$200 off packages 8 hrs or more

itsjunz Logo.png



$200 off packages 10 hrs or more

The Good Citizen 


Leslie Photography Logo_edited.jpg
DOT Logo.png

Leslie Photography 

Instagram: @leslie_photographysg

Depth of Tales 

Instagram: @depthoftales

Wedding Coordinator

Makeup Artist


Pei Weddings

Instagram: @pei.weddings

$100 off 

Julie Kim Makeup Logo.png

Julie Kim Makeup

Instagram: @juliekimmakeup

5% Discount


"The video was not only well shot, but it certainly told our story and managed to evoke various emotions throughout the video."


"Capturing Your Always and Forever."

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